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London Fire Equipment:

London Fire Equipment is a locally owned family business established in 1978. We currently employ 14 full time and 2 part time employees with 8 service vehicles and 1 large trailer ready to serve you.
Over the past 40 years, we have been providing quality fire protection services to the commercial and industrial sectors as well as government, fire departments, restaurants, school boards, property managers and the general public.
We want to say thank-you for your patronage!
London Fire Equipment Ltd., a name you can trust, equipment you can depend on!.



Fire Protection Equipment Contract Services

For other related services select one of the following:
System Design
/ Cylinder Maintenance


Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance Contracts


Many business owners and property managers find it convenient to enter into a verbal agreement or a written contract for the necessary services they may need in order to stay compliant with Ontario Fire Code regulations. We provide this service for a wide range of clients with different types of fire protection equipment including:

  1. Fire extinguishers
  2. Fire alarms
  3. Emergency lighting
  4. Sprinkler systems
  5. Kitchen hood fire suppression systems
  6. Fire hose cabinets/ accessories
  7. Industrial spray booth systems
  8. Clean agent systems
  9. Cylinder requalification (SCUBA, SCBA, Medical, Industrial, etc.)


Clients have told us their annual costs have been substantially reduced after they began using our services when compared to our competition. One main difference between us and our competitors is the way we complete recharging, hydrostatic testing and minor repairs.

Whenever possible, our technicians will complete this work during the inspection while they are on site. This drastically reduces additional service calls and labour to complete the same work.


Another benefit we offer our customers is we are able to provide an itemized estimate for the inspection and any scheduled recharging before the inspection or repairs are completed.

This estimate may include a price list for minor unscheduled repairs or recharging that may be required. Many of our competitors will do only the inspection and leave minor repairs and extinguishers needing service for a later date. Several weeks after the inspection, the client receives a quote with one lump sum price to complete all the repairs.

This quote is usually not itemized so the client cannot see what they are paying for each individual item on the repair list or the labour cost. In our opinion, this method is not a very efficient or cost effective way to complete the required work. In many cases, the client is left unpleasantly surprised at the high cost and length of time needed to complete the job.

Don�t let this happen to you, call London Fire Equipment for your itemized no obligation quote today 519-652-6913 or toll free 1-800-403-9690.